Burning Questions 2021

Info Session

Tuesday, 15 Sept.

16:00 SÄ105/Online




Last year, Burning Questions was successfully launched and gave participants the opportunity to question their educational assumptions. An event that dared to challenge our most fundamental perceived truths about education. Why do we educate children in schools? Is the purpose of education to learn about society or to question it? Does education need teachers?


The aim of BQ has always been to maximize the freedom for critical discussion, learning from each other and the exchange of ideas and questions. No power-points, no top-down lectures, just participation and reflection. Participants were invited to bring ‘Burning Questions’ of their own to the event, which were then shared in advance, collated and explored throughout the two days. This was to ensure that everyone at BQ was a learner & a participant by bringing formal and informal learning into the same space. We also inspire and encourage participants to continue to develop new models of education post-conference.

Students, teachers, researchers, educational leaders and stakeholders are warmly invited to join the student-led event Burning Questions 2020 at the University of Oulu. It’s time to question our fundamental assumptions about education. So please join us in the far North and be involved in the change that is happening. The only thing we guarantee is more questions than answers.

Summer Transition Team

The team started to meet in July and has grown since then.  We have been passionately working over the summer setting up and preparing for this year's Burning Questions 2021.  Not only have we been fundraising and event organizing, we have also been brainstorming and planning how we can keep the mission of BQ for years to come!  

Top: Avery, Mel, Noora Bottom: Elina, Matthew

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