Burning Questions 2021

Accessibility: Building Education Towards a Sustainable World

January 21-22

Join us today - discuss, collaborate, inspire


Two years ago, Burning Questions 2019 was successfully launched and gave participants the opportunity to question their educational assumptions. An event that dared to challenge our most fundamental perceived truths about education.

Why do we educate children in schools?

Is the purpose of education to learn about society or to question it?

Does education need teachers?


Pictures from BQ 2020

The aim of BQ has always been to maximize the freedom for critical discussion, learning from each other, and the exchange of ideas and questions.


No power-points, no top-down lectures, just participation, and reflection. Participants were invited to bring ‘Burning Questions’ of their own to the event, which were then shared in advance, collated, and explored throughout the two days. This was to ensure that everyone at BQ was a learner & a participant by bringing formal and informal learning into the same space.

With this years theme of Accessibility: Building Education Towards a Sustainable World, we aim to:


Address issues  such as economic and environmental sustainability, inequalities, production and consumption, climate change, gender issues, peace and democracy, through the lens of



Give voice to young people to reflect on current educational issues and design practical actions to address them. This event will also be an opportunity for them to create local and global connections with people who are interested in pursuing innovative solutions.

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