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Burning Questions (BQ) is a student-led initiative that aims to collect and propose the questions of actors in education (students, teachers, researchers, community members) from around the world and work together to find solutions and push the boundaries of what is known and understood about education. Our annual event, typically held in mid-January, is an opportunity for participants to develop ideas into solutions and practical actions to change at a community or wider societal level through practical ‘workshop’ style sessions in dialogue with academics, entrepreneurs, government administrators and NGOs.



Networking opportunities for university students interested in education and its application across multiple fields.

deconstructing hierarchies

To deconstruct the hierarchies within education by placing leadership roles in the hands of students

meaningful conversations

Invite critical and meaningful conversations and actions by promoting North-South-East-West dialogue

inter-disciplinary cooperation

Foster more conversation about education between various faculties in the university. Thus, inviting expertise from the fields of ecology, sustainability, architecture, business, etc. 

pragmatic change

Inspire pragmatic change in the university and the communities of every participant.


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