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Burning Questions 2019

Confronting Our Educational Assumptions

January 17-18 2019

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Does education need teachers?

Why are we seeing and hearing the privileged senses of learning?

(How) should business and education work together?

What is the role of play in education?

How does lifelong learning impact universities?

What makes and educational space effective?

Shake up your assumptions with a feast of critical questions, difficult conversations and thought-provoking activities that will inspire a fresh take on learning.  This interdisciplinary event is for anybody who is interested in reimagining the future of education. 

The event will include Socratic dialogue circles, panel discussions, question 'speed dating' and multi-sensory activities designed to shake us out of our learning 'comfort zone'.

We invite all participants to bring 2 'Burning Questions' to the event.  These will be collated, shared in advance and form themes throughout the two days.  'Expert' participants from a range of fields, cultures and countries will be here not only to discuss their own Burning Questions but to questions yours.

It's time to questions our fundamental assumptions about education

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Top right to left: Dr. Ronald Sultana, Katri Meriläinen, Anita Rampal

Top right to left: Dr. Rauni Räsänen, Pasi Sahlberg