Burning Questions

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Accessibility: Building Education Towards a Sustainable World

January 21-22


Event Schedule


What do we do?

We give voice to young people to reflect on current educational issues and design practical actions to address them. This event will also be an opportunity for them to create local and global connections with people who are interested in pursuing innovative solutions.


Two years ago, Burning Questions 2019 was successfully launched and gave participants the opportunity to question their educational assumptions. An event that dared to challenge our most fundamental perceived truths about education. 


The aim of BQ has always been to maximize the freedom for critical discussion, learning from each other, and the exchange of ideas and questions.

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Opening Panelists


Magaga Enos

Special Needs Teacher


Tembea Academy/BEADS for Education/HundrED





Kalypso Filippou (PhD)

Project Leader


Higher Education/International Students/Mobilities/Post-Graduate Supervision




Maija Karhunen

Project Coordinator


Culture Services/Inclusivity and Equity/Dancer & Performer



Piet Grymonprez

Co-founder of MyMachine Global Foundation

Learn more about MyMachine here!


Take a Peak into the Amazing Workshops Exclusive to BQ2021


Challenging the Structures of Accessibility for Refugees

In this workshop, we seek to challenge participants’ understanding of what it means to be a refugee. Firstly, we would like to clarify the difference between refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.Then, we hope to hear everyone’s ideas on how to make structures more accessible to refugees. There will be a discussion based on exchanging ideas and sharing inspiration. We hope to leave participants with a deeper understanding of the issue as well as a call to action in their community. We need to realize that there is a global movement of refugees, but we also need a global movement for them.

—  By Cat and Illianna

Closing Panelists

Annette Scheunpflug.jpg

Prof. Dr. Anette Scheunpflug

Chairperson of Foundations of Education at Otto-Friedrich-University

International Teaching/Research in Europe, Asia, Africa/Journal Editor



Audrey Paradis (PhD)

Lecturer for EdGlo at UniOulu

Researcher/Methodology development/Teacher Education/Social Justice/Intercultural Education


esin duzel.png

Esin Duzel (PhD)

Socio-cultural Anthropologist

Researcher/Political Violence/Radical Movements/Gender and Sexuality/Feminist Pedagogy


Special Evening Event

Elizabeth Eta (PhD)

Project Director at GraphoGame

Education Policy Researcher/Transnational Education Transfer Processes