The amazing group of student volunteers are doing fantastic work despite their demanding studies!

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Organizing at a Distance

"Why did you decide to join Burning Questions 2021?"

Matthew Zwicker

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Organizer

"As this event is centered around the co-creation and sharing of knowledge, I love that this event fosters the equality of voice despite one's level of experience. I want other people to experience this progressive approach to education conferences. After attending a BQ event, I hope all future participants will be inspired to take initiative to hold similar BQ events in their contexts."


Avery Holm

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Organizer (Intern), Funding

"I was drawn to BQ because it is a student-led event that deconstructs academic hierarchies in a proactive and engaging manner. It take students' thoughts, experiences, and curiosity seriously when planning and executing the event. I love that it is committed to gathering diverse perspectives from various global contexts."

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Mel Ico

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Organizer

"I had a vision of what a student-led education conference would look like so I applied for a leadership role to fulfill it. I think Burning Questions has the potential to be an amazing opportunity for people in multiple fields of thought to come together, collaborate, critique, and come up with solutions for the pressing issues in education."

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Natsuha Kajita

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Day Manager, Event Coordination, Funding

"I joined Burning Questions because I have a lot of burning questions! I want to see changes, especially in myself."

Anna Heumann-Kaya

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Coordination, Guests

"As an educator and student, I am interested in making my world bigger and building connections between ideas and people."

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David Delahunty

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Day Manager

"I've attended as a participant the previous two years and I was excited to get some hands on experience of the event."


Jelisaveta Elli Janicijevic Agatonovic

Washington College / Chestertown

Event coordination, Workshop Leader, International Ambassador

"I was a Burning Questions participant last year when I studied abroad at the University of Oulu, and decided that I wanted to get involved and take on a bigger role, despite being far away this year. I realized then that this conference is something that needs to be had every year in order for individuals to continue to shape education for the better, and that these conversations are allowing us to move forward!"

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Elina Vanha-aho

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Coordination

"I participated last year and wanted to be part of making Burning Question happen again - I especially love how student led Burning Question is!"

Ridwan Whitehead

University of Oulu / Oulu


"Especially today, where the world we know is changing, talking about the role of education is important. With the new normal, the delivery of an event can be challenging. I myself wanted to contribute where I could, which is providing the event with the logistics it needs."

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Filip Polák

University of Oulu / Oulu

Workshop Leader

"After I graduate and start teaching, those pupils will be adults between the years 2050 -2100. I can't teach them with the same methods as those used in the 1900s. The world is different now."


Illianna Kriezi

University of Oulu / Oulu

Workshop Leader, Event Coordination

"Any contribution to education sounds amazing to me and Burning Questions have a lot of things to offer to everybody and not just educators. I want to expand my horizons in any possible way. I am happy to be a member in this amazingly creative team!"


Kyuyoung Cheong

University of Oulu / Oulu


"Last year's theme was very interesting that I decided to take part in this time. I find discussing the burning questions in education very important. Especially this event is great since it is student-led!."

Lea Markus

Otto-Friedrich-Universität / Bamberg

Event Coordination

"I joined Burning Questions to get the full experience of a student-organized conference from start to finish. It's also a great opportunity to connect with people internationally. I love to be a part of BQ21!"


Lotta Ignatius

Tampere University of Applied Sciences /Tampere

Marketing - Graphics

"A friend invited me after I mentioned I was willing to do marketing art and graphics for voluntary work."

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Noora Malinen

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Coordination, Guests

"Inspired by attending the previous Burning Questions event - which left me with so much food for thought on the fundamental assumptions we have about education! - I wanted to get involved, and help make Burning Questions 2021 inspiring. With the amazing team we have volunteering their time, this year's event is going to take it to the next level!"

Saamia Mohamed

University of Oulu / Oulu

Event Coordination

"I joined BQ because I was fascinated by the idea of having intellectual discussions on issues surrounding education. I also loved the fact that it is student-led."

Salomé Y.

University of Oulu / Oulu

Funding, Guests

"I wanted to be part of a bottom-up movement that encourages everyone to think critically, as well as aims to help change society for the better."


Sofia Illikainen

University of Oulu / Oulu 


"I heard a lot about Burning Questions from my classmates and got really interested in seeing how student-led events are organized. I also love how Burning Questions all about discussion, learning from each other, and reflection."


Catherine M.

University of Oulu / Oulu

Workshop Leader

"I wanted to join Burning Questions because I believe it's so important for students to be involved in addressing some of the most pressing issues in education today. The opportunity to talk about these topics with educators and researchers around the world is empowering and has challenged my thinking and perspective."