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What should teacher adjust herself or himself to teach online
In Education and the Pandemic
Jan 21, 2021
This does not help answer your question, but gives caution to certain themes in the word "quality". (I don't assume you think this way, I only think it's important to keep in mind. Also, I appreciated our workshop discussions today, KuoSong!) The keyword to note in this question is on the matter of "quality" education. I believe many societies too often think of quality as a linear hierarchy in which there is an achievable (or utopic) standard wherein something is of high quality, low quality, etc. This binary lens of thought erases opportunities for change and critical thinking, since "high/low/good/bad quality" is determined by comparative measures; usually comparing something to the another in the past. "[M]aintain the quality of education" also denotes quality should be sustained (from the past and into the future). If we consider quality as a sliding scale along the sliding scale of subjective superiority, we eliminate the justification of asking ourselves this: Is the quality of the past the standard that we need to carry into the future? Of course, education should be of high quality (if we limit ourselves to this binary), however high quality to one educational philosophy may be considered low quality to another (e.g. self-regulated learning may be considered high quality to a Montessori education, but low/abhorrent quality to a factory model education). With that said, we need to think if the quality of yesterday is an appropriate or suitable standard to hold for the quality of today, and more importantly, tomorrow. We're an incredible opportune time to reimagine and redesign educational standards of what is "quality education". Let's be on the forefront of history to rewire how we understand and define "quality education", while letting it absorb different standards of quality exist within different contexts.


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