BQ 2021

Accessibility: Building Education Towards a Sustainable World

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Students, teachers, researchers, educational leaders, and stakeholders are warmly invited to join the student-led event Burning Questions 2021 at the University of Oulu.
Last year, Burning Questions continued to give participants the opportunity to question their educational assumptions through a decolonial outlook. This year we aim to examine education through the lens of accessibility.

Accessibility in education is a multifaceted issue. Dr. Barbara Stauber and Dr. Marcelo Parreira do Amaral (2015) divide accessibility into four levels: socioeconomic, institutional, discourse and representation, and individuality. It encompasses issues related to knowledge capital, sustainability, physical access, inclusivity, participation, and social capital. Dr. Ann Fudge (2020) describes accessibility as an ongoing process that continuously cycles through 3 steps: (1) Anticipating barriers, (2) finding ways to mediate these barriers, thus (3) to enhance access for all.  

We will pursue sustainable solutions that lead to equitable learning spaces and places, both physical and cognitive, for all students regardless of ability, neurodiversity, race, religion, gender, location, or economic background. It is proactive and flexible to provide quality education for all students without conforming to an exclusive singular construct.

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McMaster University Policy on Accessibility, 2010

Participants explore accessibility through workshops encompassing: inclusivity in special needs education, refugees, the pandemic’s effect on higher education and technology, and students’ attitudes and approach toward education. Participants will encounter unexpected perspectives that challenge them to question their worldview and be part of increasing access for all with a sustainable mindset.


It is time to question our fundamental assumptions about Accessibility in education.  We want to approach this topic through as many levels as possible by including as many perspectives from the Global South, East, West, and North.


Equity and Equality



Join us online and be involved in the change happening at Burning Questions 2021!

With love, the BQ 2021 team

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